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Winners Stories

Big winnings from a value room!

03 Mar 2012 at 21:12:12

It was our usual Saturday night in me, my partner Sharon and a of online Bingo. Before we had our 6yr old Daughter Alicia we use to go to out for a night at the Bingo, but haven't been since she was born, thankfully for online Bingo you don't need a babysitter!

Sharon had bought a few magazines that Saturday afternoon and had noticed an article about womans own Bingo she mentioned that we should give it a try and join it. So that night we registered and went into Bingo Royale had one game and then decided to try another room we had only used £3 of our £10 deposit and we still had extra with the bonus money we got when we made our first deposit, so we looked at the other rooms and went into the Value room with tickets for as little as 5p each.

We were waiting on two numbers for the two lines one number on each line, we won the two lines which meant we just needed 84 for the house it was for £16 we won that as well as the two lines, we were cheering because we'd won £20 when my partner noticed my finger pointing at the balance meter and staring in shock.

Then we noticed everyone in the chatroom congratulating us on our Jackpot win, we were in that much shock we couldn't reply for about 10mins!

We were shouting out to eachother all the things we could do and get. Buy a new TV pay off some bills new clothes and days out with our Daughter Alicia. We had won £1,186 it was amazing and the money was in our bank on Tuesday morning. What a great start to the week!

Just goes to show whether it's your first game at bingo or not you have the same chance of winning as everyone else, we can't wait to win our next Jackpot here...

Thankyou all very much!