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Winners Stories

Carl’s Dream Home!

28 Apr 2010 at 22:17:09

After spending the past eight years working on cruise ships, it was a big decision to take a job as a recruitment specialist at the beginning of the year.

I’d wanted to get on the property ladder for ages, and this was the best way to save. I really wanted a house with a garden, but realised that was way beyond my budget and had settled for a small, modern apartment.

One night after work, I was checking my emails and saw an advert about Pick Me Up Bingo, saying that if you signed up you’d get £10 free bingo promotion. That sounds good, I thought, and went on the site and signed up.

I was really impressed – it’s easy to work out what to do and everyone is very friendly. I started to play and, as the jackpot looked good, clicked on the Bingo Diamond Room. The game started and in a matter of seconds, I’d already won two lines.

Then the next thing I saw was the screen flashing with, ‘We have a winner’. I looked at my balance and was shocked to see it had shot up to £23,764! At first I thought it was a joke and had to ring the customer support line and ask them if I really was a jackpot winner. As soon as the money was deposited into my bank account I finally started celebrating.

This changed everything. I went straight on the estate agents’ websites to see what I could now afford. It was incredible. Instead of a small, two-bedroom apartment, I would now be able to buy a three-bedroom house!

I spent the next week looking around all these wonderful houses that I would never have been able to afford before my amazing win. I finally settled on one that’s perfect for me. It has a lovely garden and is just a 15-minute walk from town and work. I’ve spent the past few weeks buying all the furniture I need. Then I’m going to invite a few mates over for a house-warming party.

I can’t thank you enough for this win. I had worried about leaving the ships, but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t now have my own house.