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Winners Stories

An frantic win on Friendzy!

18 Oct 2012 at 20:35:56

I never dreamt that I could win a Jackpot on the Slots!

I have had a few lucky times on Fortune Temple but was flabbergasted when trying out the new game - Friendzy - and my balance suddenly went to over  £1,300. 

I’m a great grandma and 24/7 carer of a very handicapped young man and sometimes I have to sit up at night with him when he is poorly. 

My laptop comes out and I usually head to Jackpotjoy to play the slots.  It passes the time for me and I love all the games.

What a good time to be winning so much with Christmas round the corner. 

Just want to wish all Jackpotjoy members the very best of luck and hope you win soon.