Winners Stories

A wild win on the Slots!

02 Dec 2012 at 11:55:42

Thank you so much for your letter and cheque, I am delighted to pose with it. I am soooooo thrilled and still in shock. I would like to be on the winners page on your site as I have studied this page on many occasions with wishful thinking.

I am a nurse with two young sons and I am always busy rushing around, so I always enjoy my relaxing time and one of my regular treats is to have a little flutter on Jackpotjoy.

I was having my usual Saturday night in and was thinking of going to bed, but I had been busy all day so I wanted to chill before I went to bed.

I looked at your home page and I noticed that the Bullion Bonanza Jackpot was quite high and was close to reaching my lucky number - 13. I had a few spins and won 200 pounds and was really chuffed with that so I decided to play a little longer.

I looked away to see if my partner was out of the bathroom and when I looked back at the screen I could see three yellow gold bars !!!

I looked at my balance and was so amazement !!! I shouted to my partner to come and look and we both just stared at the screen !! I was ecstatic and jumping around !
Thank you Jackpotjoy for making my dreams come true !! I have had some great wins on this site over the years but I am absolutely delighted with winning the jackpot and am going to treat myself to a spa day, get myself a new laptop and will book a lovely holiday next year for the whole family.

Jackpotjoy is such a fantastic site :-)