Winning Streak

Coin Sizes: 25p - £3
Paylines: 1
Top Payout: 5,000 x Coin Size
Features: Wild Symbols
Autoplay: Yes

Winning Streak How to Play

How to Play

Single-line slots come with just one payline.

Changing the coin size, in order to alter your risk and reward, is the main focus of this game.

The coin sizes available in Winning Streak range from 25p up to £3.

Click ‘Bet Max’ if you would like to select all the lines and start the reels spinning.

When you increase your coin size you will see your possible winnings rise on the Winning Streak paytable.


Spinning the Reels

To start a game of Winning Streak, either click ‘Bet Max’ or choose the number of lines you would like to play and then click ‘Spin’.


Auto Spin

Auto spin gives you the chance to select the number of spins you would like the slot to make, while you sit back and enjoy the game.

This function will stop for any bonus games, or you can use the ‘Stop’ button if you would like to stop the automation.